Dong-ahn-guh (Winter Meditation Retreat) Day 06 – My environment reflects my attitude toward the world

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My Sixth Day of Dong-ahn-guh (winter meditation retreat)


All About Expanding Consciousness


Growing consciousness is all about expanding consciousness.
Open – Expand – Understand

Yesterday I got an insight about expanding my consciousness throughout the timeline. I feel more creative and productive.

Also, I’m trying to expand my consciousness with other people. Everybody whom I’m working with and communicating with. Trying to view the situation from other’s windows of perspective. Then, I can understand the situation better, and understand them better.

Even when I read emails, I deny reading through my own computer monitor. Instead, imagine their computer and try to read through their screen. My understanding just gets deeper.

Since I start meditating, I keep opening and expanding my consciousness. I understand better.
Guess what?
Since then, many changes are happening in my life now. People whom I didn’t communicate for a while start to send me messengers. Some difficult cases which were stuck for a while begin to be resolved. Seriously.

I got chills.
I’m experiencing that my environment reflects my attitude toward the world.

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