Dong-ahn-guh Day 05 – Improving My Operating System, 3 Day Time Block

My Jungbub Journal


My Fifth Day of Dong-ahn-guh (winter meditation retreat)


Improving Competence


Thanksgiving holidays ended and we went back to work.
Yesterday, I got a feeling that I need to improve my competence. I can read faster, write faster, work faster.
I feel like I have a huge project to accomplish in my life. But, I’m not competent enough.
It feels like holding a shovel in order to move a giant mountain.
This anxious feeling gave me lots of pressure and made me tired quickly.
How can I improve my competence?


How can I improve my competence?


As I meditate on the question, I got an answer: upgrade my operating system.
Improving certain skills or technique is not the answer.
To me, I need to improve my operating system.
An operating system manages apps, programs, data, and storage.
It doesn’t work on the first hand.
Yet, it watches what’s going on and adjust when apps conflict each other.
Ctrl + Alt + Del keys stop all the tasks and step out to the operator’s mode.
An operating system doesn’t create any results but without it, nothing works.
It’s like a meditation.
Like a consciousness watching my life and adjusting tasks to approach my purpose.


Three Day Time Block


Does it make sense?
3-day time block.
I need to upgrade my operating system and manage my work based on 3-day time block.
When I do something, I consider the consequences that will come in 3 days.
When planning something, I stretch my consciousness into 3 days later.
As I write a journal on Monday evening, my consciousness reaches to Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday evening.
Because 3 days is one set.
This is how I can upgrade my operating system.
It’s more important than improving my specific skills or techniques.

I need to upgrade my operating system.
By watching my consciousness as an operator.
And meditation helps.


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