Dong-ahn-guh Day 77 & 78 – Being humble

My Jungbub Journal


My Jungbub Journal – Seventy-Seventh & Eighth Day of Dong-ahn-guh (winter meditation retreat)


Getting busier after the lunar new year began


Since the lunar new year started, I feel I’m getting much busier. I understand why we do the meditation retreat during the winter time. As the sunlight gets longer, our energy also changes. It’s not for reflecting inside, but for reaching outside.

I skipped the journal again. I had to work from the early morning to the late night. Turn on my computer at 6:30 am and finally turn it off at 11:00 pm. I can’t break my promise with the clients even though I skip my journal. I have a feeling that I will be crazily busy this year.

The organization decided to move their hosting service to Bluehost. I’m glad that they make the choice.


My lesson: Being humble


I learned a big lesson yesterday. As I work with the organization, I feel like I became an expert. As I explain to them what’s going on, I realized how knowledgeable and experienced I am. I feel like I know everything now.

As I changed DNS from GoDaddy to Bluehost, I chatted the Bluehost. Personally, I’m running VPS hosting, but as I represented my client, I connected as a shared hosting which is a basic service.

During the chatting, I thought: ‘I know what you’re talking about but I doubt that’. We chatted for 2 hours, but still, I couldn’t solve my problem. My attitude was awful even though the guy worked so hard to help me. Eventually, I found a sign of change on my phone. When we use the cellular data, it shows the change of the website earlier than the computer which uses a modem and router. Finally, we could wrap up our chatting.

The next morning, everything was fixed. It confirmed that the Bluehost guy was right. He set up everything right for me. I just needed more time for the DNS to propagate. I could have more productive chatting with him. Felt so embarrassed and so sorry.

It was a big lesson for me. It felt like the universe hit my head to wake me up from my arrogance.


The maturer the rice grows, the lower the rice plants bend their heads


One Korean maxim says, “The maturer the rice grows, the lower the rice plants bend their heads.”
Now, I know that I’m still a young rice plant. The inside is still empty. When my grains become solid and ripe, I will bend my head. Become genuinely humble.

young rice

Young Rice

The maturer the rice grows the lower the rice plants bend their heads

The maturer the rice grows, the lower the rice plants bend their heads

*Image credit: Wikipedia

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