My Jungbub Journal – Fifty Seventh Day of Dong-ahn-guh (winter meditation retreat)


If I compare a human to a tree


If I compare a human to a tree, what kind of tree will I be? This is the question that I’m asking myself recently.

I can imagine myself as a tree. Yet, I can grow more.

Can be stronger than now. Can be more solid and taller. And, more balanced and grounded so even a hurricane can’t damage my trunk or root. My branches can reach higher to the sky and provide birds with more nests.

When I reflect myself, I can feel a huge gap between what I am and what I can be. I want to be a leader in this society. Want to be a giant.

* One of my clients who runs a tour business emailed me. He said the number of phone calls to his business dropped drastically and asked my opinion why it happens. Of course, it’s because the government shuts down. It’s been 27 days. US Travel Association has warned that it could cost the travel industry more than $100 million a day. (resource: The Telegraph)