My Jungbub Journal – Forty-ninth Day of Dong-ahn-guh (winter meditation retreat)


New Web Design Project


I started a new project to re-design our business website. I designed the original one in February 2018 as we decide to start a web design business. (

Since then, 10 months passed and I learned a lot while running the business. Now, when I see a website, I can recognize so many things that I never noticed before.

Also, I know now how to improve its performance (speed & security) and make a website that users love. When users love it, then Google loves it.

I’ve been planning for the new website for a few weeks. Now is the best time to start because I finished 2 projects and am waiting for their final feedback. Next month, another big project may start.

The universe gave me a chance to take care of our own website during the dong-ahn-guh time. We will be really busy this year. So, it’s the best time to redesign our business website.

I can tell that I’m so excited about this project. I can’t think of anything else except designing the new website. Even when I sleep, I dream of designing the website. The difference between the reality and my dream is that I design in 3-dimension in my dream. It has fancy functions!