Dong-ahn-guh Day 45 – Wishing my competitor the best

My Jungbub Journal


My Jungbub Journal – Forty-fifthth Day of Dong-ahn-guh (winter meditation retreat)


Wishing my competitor the best


D** is running a tour guide company in Kauai and he contacted me to ask help for his SEO last week.

He sounds confused. Even doubted if he should continue the business because he was not sure if the market has enough demand.

Hw was already working with an SEO consultant for 3 months. Now, he was considering to change his SEO service because he got only a few clients for the last three months. He said that his business was better when he started last year. There must be something wrong.

I analyzed his industry, keywords, and website. I was shocked because his site is not ranked within 5 pages at all with any keywords. If he has worked on SEO for 3 months, it should be different. I doubted if the SEO consultant knows what he/she is doing.

So, I sent him graphs and screen captures to show that his industry has enough demand and the problem is that his potential customers cannot find the website online. And, added if he wants to work with me, the basic package will be $299 per month.

He appreciated a lot. He said the information that I gave him was very helpful. Said, after the meeting with his consultant on the weekend, he would let me know.


He decided to stay with his current consultant

Today, he emailed me. He appreciates a lot but decided to continue to work with his current consultant.

I accepted. I asked myself a few questions: “did I give him too much information?” “is my service expensive?” “did I overwhelm him?”

After answering those questions, I realized that the answers are not important. It just happened to teach me something.

Because of his request, I learned about his industry and the small business owner who is struggling in his business. Also, I learned about another SEO specialist who doesn’t know what to do. They were all good lesson to me.

Now, I really wish D*** overcome his current struggles and grow his business. Then, he can introduce this beautiful island to more people. He may provide them with unforgettable memories in their life.

Also, I hope the SEO consultant study more about SEO. When I have competent competitors, I cannot be lazy. I will continue to study and improve my services.

Actually, I don’t want to call him/her a competitor. I cannot work on SEO for local businesses on this island all by myself. We work together. It’s like several realtors work together in the same company or several lawyers in the same office. Several marketers are working together on the same island. He/She is my colleague.

I wish all of them the best.

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