My Jungbub Journal – Twenty-third Day of Dong-ahn-guh (winter meditation retreat)


Time management


Since I started to improve my operating system, my time management improved a lot. My operating system is a kind of my consciousness observing my life, my energy and my time. (My Journal about my operating system: 3-day time block)

Instead of improving a specific skill, I just focus on improving my awareness and managing my time and energy.

Today is Friday. Already a week passes and the weekend is starting. Time is fast.

I can’t change time. But I can improve my awareness of time. On Wednesday, I already thought about the weekend because it’s one set. (3 days: Thursday – Friday – Saturday)

Likewise, now on Friday night, I’m thinking about Monday. I hated to think about Monday when the weekend started. But just because I don’t think about it doesn’t mean the weekend won’t come. Actually, I feel comfortable to think about Monday now. It makes me plan better for the weekend. How will I enjoy the weekend without regret?


Benefits of time management


As the week passes, I feel I’ve achieved a lot, I’ve studied enough and still, I have some sort of space in my mind. I don’t feel surprised and say ‘OMG, already one week passed!’ Instead of being overwhelmed, I feel I accomplished as I planned.

And now I’m planning to enjoy the weekend as stretching my awareness to Saturday(15th), Sunday(16th) and Monday(17th). Already imagine that I start my Monday morning with excitement and passion.