My Jungbub Journal – Twenty-second Day of Dong-ahn-guh (winter meditation retreat)


Three-year probation – cleaning my spiritual arrogance


Now three years have passed since I left the organization.
I regarded the first three years as my probation period before participating the society. Because the organization has a unique belief system, so I needed time to examine my old beliefs and to restructure my value system.

The biggest change during the three years was that I became humble. I cleaned my spiritual arrogance. In the organization, we believed that we’re chosen by Heaven. We refused to collaborate with other organization because we believed they are not chosen. So, we tried to save them instead of collaborating with them.

As I meet people after leaving the organization, I felt so embarrassed about that old belief. My spiritual arrogances ran away one by one because I didn’t allow them to show up in my mind again.


Next three year plan – Humble and Quiet Suhaeng


I was lucky to meet Jungbub and got much clearer. As I’ve studied Jungbub for two and a half years, I don’t have doubts about life and death.

My only concern is that I didn’t prepare myself to accomplish my mission. My time didn’t arrive yet, so I have time to prepare myself.

I set the next three years as my Suhaeng -Soul Training- period. I will dedicate myself to “Humble and Quiet Soul Training.”
It’s not easy training. But, I can feel my soul desire it.

During the dong-ahn-guh, I will set the guideline and plan for my “Humble and Quiet Soul Training.”