Dong-ahn-guh Day 20 – My changes during the winter meditation retreat

My Jungbub Journal


My Jungbub Journal – Twentieth Day of Dong-ahn-guh (winter meditation retreat)


My changes during the winter meditation retreat


It has been 20 days since the retreat started.
I found major changes in my health and relationship.
Now I understand why we need dong-ahn-guh once a year. It really gives me a chance to make up what I missed during the year.


Changes in my health


I like coffee. Last three years, I drank coffee almost every day. Especially I drank a lot this year because my job required my focus and tireless work.

As dong-ahn-guh started, I reduced coffee naturally because my body resisted. Now I don’t drink coffee. Instead, drink tea and more water. I feel more refreshed after rest. I may need to take a break from coffee during this retreat. My body needs purification.


Changes in my relationship


Conflicts with other business owners are resolved. He -the Latin businessman who loves UFC- called me today, and we discussed about his next project comfortably. I guess I passed the test from the universe. Then, the universe is giving me chances to meet more people.

I got several phone calls today. They are all business-related. People need me and I can support their business. And, I believe, their business support our community.

I wrote about my second test in my journal a few days ago. During his feedback, I tried not to react and to accept everything during the conversation. Then, the next day, I sent him an email to postpone to migrate his website for one week. After sending the email, I forgot about it and enjoyed my weekend. After three days passed, I just gained more strength to accept his attitude and to take care of his project.

When I was weak, I was dragged by the situation. Attachments to negative emotions control me. Now I grow strong. When those situations happen, after taking care of urgent issues, I just let the situation pass. And, focus on learning from the situation and growing stronger.

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