6 Magical Questions Preparing the Best Second Half Year

Best Second Half Year

The Second Half of the Year Begins

July is an exciting month.  It’s the time for vacation and celebration. Especially to celebrate finishing the first half of the year and to start the second half.

If we say that the first half of the year is about sowing seeds, growing sprouts, and blooming flowers, then the second half will be about harvesting fruits, celebrating accomplishments and storing the best seeds for the next year.

The length of daylight already started getting shorter as we passed the summer solstice. When it becomes August, we will feel the cool breeze in the early morning. The land is preparing the fall and the farmers are preparing the harvest.

You may think ‘Are you talking about harvest? It’s still summer!’ Let me tell you. Under the ground where you are standing, inside of the plants and trees, nature is starting to prepare the harvest. It’s the most important time to make the best harvest. As we start the second half, it’s now an important moment to reflect, celebrate and readjust our plan to create an abundant and meaningful harvest.

the first half of the year


Cycle of Year

Before we start, I want to make sure that you understand that this is for yearly plans, not for monthly or quarterly plans. They have different cycles. As we are influenced by the sun and moon, staying in tune with their rhythms will support our manifestation. It’s best when we create yearly plans based on the sun’s cycle, and monthly plans based on the moon’s cycle.

Gardening or farming is based on the sun’s cycle. We can use the metaphor of gardening to manifest our yearly plans. It has 4 stages: Seeds ⇒ Flowers ⇒ Fruits ⇒ Save the best seeds for the next year.


6 Magical Questions which will Guide Your Best Second Half Year

Before we ask these questions for your reflection, please review your past six months. Reviewing the past is very important because it will bring up the important events consciously or unconsciously. Review your journal or calendar quickly whether in written forms or in digital formats. A journal or calendar will provide you with the anchor points that your mind will take as references when you reflect.

Review each month quickly and follow the below guidance:

[Guided Meditation]

From now on, use your imagination. In the middle of the year, you are invited to your Garden of Manifestation. At the entrance, you can see the sign saying “2019 Garden of Manifestation for [Your Name].”  In this Garden, your goals and intentions are seeds, your efforts and energy sprouted those seeds and have grown them for the last six months.

Question1.   What seeds did you sow and how have they grown? What flowers are blooming and what flowers fell? At this moment, how does your garden look? Please look around carefully and describe the condition of your Garden.



Q2. What flowers are the most beautiful and glowing now? And what do they mean to you? Please describe them.



Q3. Not all flowers may bloom. Some of them may fall without blooming. Please reflect If you have anything that you could have done “differently”. If you have any, please describe them.



Q4. After the flowers bloom, they will bear fruits soon. What fruits are you expecting from the flowers? What achievement do you forecast and who do you want to become at the end of the year? Describe the fruits which you are creating now.



Q5. What will be the biggest challenges or obstacles to harvesting your fruits for the next six months? How will you overcome them? Please describe in detail. Remember that nature won’t lie to you.



Q6. Now, imagine that you are on December 31st, 2019, the day before the New Year’s Day in 2020. What do you feel/think right now (on 12/31/2019)? Do you want to say something to your 6-month-past-self? Any encouragement or advice?

Enjoy the meeting with your future-self. Celebrate your accomplishment and bring the exciting energy back to now.



Now you can imagine your Garden produced meaningful harvests and you become the person who you want to be on December 31st, 2019. Make a big smile and send your gratitude to your Garden. Now it’s time to leave.


Celebrate Your Achievement

Wonderful! If you need to, you can revise the details of your plan.

Also please don’t forget to celebrate your achievement during the first half year with the person(s) you love within a week. The genuine celebration will give you huge motivation.



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