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Jungbub-5605. Study of Hongikingan Born in Foreign Lands

Q. You said Hongikingan were the people of the root nation. Then I would like to ask you about our second generations who were born in the USA. And if they are also Hongikingan, what should they learn and which role should they play? A. When we say ‘we are Hongikingan’, it

The United States

Jungbub-5073. The United States, the Land of Freedom and Hope

Q. The image of the United States is that it is the land of liberty, the land of hope for so many from all over the world. They came to America dreaming of the American dream. However, America’s freedom seems to be only for the Puritan in the past. Currently America looks


Jungbub-6246. How to spend your birthday in the right way

Q. May I ask you a question related to birthdays since it is my birthday today? Nowadays, there are many different birthday cultures. You can spend your birthday receiving a lot of blessings from many people, or you can spend your birthday alone comfortably recognizing that ‘It is my birthday today.’ I


Jungbub-1365. Addiction

Q. Humans become addicted to the internet, drugs, gambling, shopping, and even to a thought or an ideology. Please tell me why these kinds of addictions are happening and how to get rid of them. A. The reason why everything in society becomes addictive is that people have not equipped themselves with

Operating a beauty salon

Jungbub-3446. Operating a Beauty Salon

Q. I’m doing beauty work now. When I started working in this field, I wanted to become an operator, but after I have been doing it for years, now I think that I am not gifted at doing beauty work. So I’m not sure if I should study now to become an

Racial Discrimination

Jungbub-6235. Racial Discrimination against Asians

Q. This is a kind of heavy and regrettable question; it’s about racial discrimination. Until now, there has been a racial discrimination between whites and blacks, but now, there is a new type of discrimination against Asians. So, the second generation of Asians is now discriminated a lot in their schools. I’d

Inner Power

Jungbub-6652. Inner Power

Inner Power: Scientists don’t know what inner power is yet. They don’t know such power as inner power. They only know about the force of gravity, so how can they study on this subject? Being the greatest energy of all, inner power is significantly bigger than the force of gravity. No matter

Who is Master Jinjung

Jungbub-5834. Who is Master Jinjung and what is Jungbub

Q. Some people ask who Master Jinjung is. Is he a religious leader, and intellectual, or a prophet? I would like to know what kind of person you think you are and where you belong. And you are teaching about Jungbub. Most people don’t know about Jungbub. It will be very helpful

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