About Me

“What life is a better life for you?”

Everybody wants to improve the quality of his/her life. However, we have diverse definitions of “a better life.” A better life can be a life with good health, wealth, good relationships, spirituality or anything that support his/her personal value.

How about you?
What life is a better life for you?

To me, a better life is the life benefiting more people around me.

I believe that benefiting people is helping people to build strength, responsibility, confidence, and wisdom so they also can benefit more people around them. It’s like paying-it-forward.

In order to create a better life, I’ve trained myself to recognize the higher potential of others and support them to move beyond their limiting beliefs. My superpowers are Inspiring, Empowering and Energizing People around Me.

A Little More About Me

My name is Shawn Sungwook Lee(이성욱). I was born and raised in South Korea. I’ve practiced meditation and Energy Body-Work since I was 15 years old. After I graduated Seoul National University, I had worked at a spiritual organization which was based in Sedona, AZ for 19 years and I had taught meditation, ancient Eastern Spirituality and retreat programs for self-mastery.

In 2015, I quit my full-time job at the organization since I felt that I couldn’t contribute to the vision of the organization anymore, even though I had met tens of thousands of wonderful people and grown a lot through the experiences. A year later, I moved to the island of Kauai, Hawaii and married with my beloved wife, Mary McKinley-Lee whom I met at the organization.

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When I designed my version 3.0 website, I had 2 major purpose and one of them was to write down my internal growth. I had a strong sense that I need to prepare a space for storing my journals. I used to like writing a journal but later I realized that it’s hard to carry all the physical notebooks and hard to find the articles later.

Soon, I figured out that Blog can be a perfect platform that I can write my journals. They can be set as “Public” or “Private”; can be accessed from any place in the world; can be searched by keyword within a second. How cool! I open most of my journal to share my experiences with other young people who are searching for the Truth as I did.

505, 2019

The First Week of My Running Training

May 5th, 2019|

  The first week of my running training ----------- Last Sunday, I started my running training and ran one mile at Kekaha ballpark. Honestly, I’ve never run that long distance (if I can call it a long distance) since I moved to Kauaii three years ago. I [...]

3004, 2019

Goal Planner May 2019

April 30th, 2019|

  Setting up a template of my Monthly Goal Planner ----------- I love journaling. It helps me to watch life more clearly. And the clarity guides me to the next step. By journaling, my life could become my teacher. Last month, I tried a new format of [...]

2904, 2019

Shawn’s Affirmation 2019

April 29th, 2019|

----------- During my conversation, I talk clearly, gently and eloquently as managing my emotions. I only speak when I can add more value to the situation as George Washington exampled at his Congress. I speak, consult and lecture like an American-born executive coach. I naturally converse with [...]

2804, 2019

Becoming a runner

April 28th, 2019|

  From the sedentary to a runner ----------- After our morning routine, Mary and I walked to our community ballpark this morning. It’s located in 10 minutes walking distance. Then, we started running! I remember that when I bought my smartwatch a few months ago, I put [...]

2704, 2019

Advice to overcome the fear of success

April 27th, 2019|

  Meeting with The808.work ----------- Yesterday’s meeting went very well. I visited two places: Kuleana.work and The808.work. Personally, I like people working at The808.work even though Kuleana.work has a better environment. When I think about the working environment, my home has the best environment. It has a [...]

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